I'm Sam. But you can call me Wendy! I'm an underdog high school student in an off-the-grid town in Canada - basically the only girl in my school who listens to the kind of music that I do - and I hate what society deems as "popular" and "acceptable"

For the most part, I identify with the tumblr Bandom over anything else - as of April 2014, my favourite bands are The Maine and Of Mice & Men - but I'm also a big fan of other 8123 bands and post-hardcore, pop-punk bands. My music taste is quite vast so don't be surprised if some ragtime folk band shows up on here at some point. I'm also a HOMESTUCK FAN: If you can't deal with that shit.... I'll still be okay so long as you like my kind of music. I guess that's my interests for the most part; I'm a singer and I love music... I just don't have a very big tolerance for most of the crap on the top 200 charts. Ugh. Yucky.

I'm also recovering from a three-year long ordeal with depression that's still something I'm struggling with; you wouldn't believe the amount of bullshit that's happened to me - honestly.

Regardless of that, please don't hesitate to send me an ask and get to know me! I'm really quite open to whoever treats me nicely :D


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